Week of May 20th

Dear Kellogg Families-
School Calendar- As a reminder, this Wednesday is our last partial release so please check this Blog and the school calendar on our website for daily schedules.  We will be be having an O day on Tuesday of next week, and we will be bringing back the old A day schedule on Wednesdays in the weeks to come. 

Hate Speech Lesson - Our school-based equity team is following up to a student survey that we gave surrounding the usage of hate speech. We had over 600 students respond and provide us with their experiences around hearing hate speech at Kellogg. The top category of hate speech is around the use of slurs around sexual orientation and gender, followed by race, and finally cognitive abilities. We need to provide a learning environment that is safe, embraces our differences, and allows every student the opportunity to learn. Our lesson will be given in 1st period classes on this Wednesday by classroom teachers. Our goal is to show students that we hear their voice fr…

Week of May 6th

Kellogg Groundbreaking Ceremony 2019
Dear Kellogg Families-
It's Teacher Appreciation Week! This year we have focused on kindness and showing appreciation at Kellogg, and we are encouraging students and families to reach out and thank a Kellogg staff member that has positively impacted your year. A handwritten note is a gift that brings a smile for years to come. Thank you for helping our staff feel appreciated this week in either big or small ways.
We are continuing with state testing over the next two weeks in English Language Arts and Math. Please reference the calendar below and the testing calendar included on the previous Blog posting for the exact dates. Please encourage your student to get extra rest, eat a healthy breakfast, bring headphones, and be to school on time for testing. 
Reminder: Families of 7th grade girls: You are invited to apply to GE GirlsSTEM Camp at Shorecrest High School!  This is Shoreline's fourth year partnering with GE to provide this amazing oppo…

Week of April 29th

8th grade College Field Trip
Dear Kellogg Families- We hope that your family had a relaxing and recharging Spring Break! As we enter the final two months of school, there are plenty of exciting activities and events to look forward to. We begin our journey into state testing this week with the state science test on Wednesday for our 8th grade students. Please help them get good sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and come prepared to do their very best on the test. During the testing period, our 7th graders will be in an assembly with a local FBI agent who specializes in Internet Crime and Child Safety. She is coming to talk to our 7th graders about how to use the Internet safely and inform them on how to protect themselves and their digital/online self. Please ask your students about what they learned during the assembly.
Reminder of Testing Schedule

We want to thank our generous PTSA for sponsoring what was an amazing 8th grade College Field Trip on April 15th. The students enjoyed touring …

Week of April 15th

National Day of Silence Photo Booth Dear Kellogg Families- It's an exciting week to be a Knight! We start off with our 8th grade college field trip to both Shoreline Community College and the University of Washington. Thank you to our generous PTSA for funding this important trip for our students. We will also be having our first track meet for our over 200 participating Knights at Einstein Middle School. We hope that you can come support our athletes. On Thursday our Wind Ensemble joins the Einstein band at Kellogg for a combined concert with local guest composer, Emilio Jose Gonzalez. We hope everyone has a wonderful week and a restful and recharging Spring Break.
Reminder: Families of 7th grade girls: You are invited to apply to GE GirlsSTEM Camp at Shorecrest High School!  This is Shoreline's fourth year partnering with GE to provide this amazing opportunity for our students. GE Girls is a 1-week hands-on summer program designed to engage middle school girls in STEM topics (Sc…