Week of June 15, 2020

Dear Kellogg Families- It's hard to believe that this is the last week of the school year. Thank you for continuing to be our partners through the demands and extra work involved for your family during this home learning phase. Your dedication and efforts were so appreciated and  will help your student be prepared and ready to engage in school next year.  As we finish out this school year, a reminder that all middle school level classes will be assigned a P grade indicating passing to the next level next year. Comments can be given by teachers indicating engagement and participation during online learning and while we were still in the building. All language classes, algebra and geometry, will follow the high school grading policy that was provided by those individual teachers. The grading period ends on the 19th, and report cards are expected to be mailed the following week. A reminder, all lessons and learning units will be available in Canvas for your student through the end of Ju…

Week of June 8, 2020

Dear Kellogg Families-
It's hard to believe that there are only two weeks left of this school year. We thank you for your continued support during this difficult time as we all navigate our own struggles with issues involving the pandemic and systemic racism. We know that home learning adds another complex layer for our families and are grateful to be teaming with you to finish this school year as strong as possible. 

All lessons and learning units will be available in Canvas for your student through the end of July. We hope that this will help students complete lessons that they had to skip or didn't finish. No student work submitted after the end of the school year on the 19th will be assessed or given feedback by a teacher as they will be on summer break. But, the learning can still happen for our students so we are excited that Canvas will remain accessible.

From Our Librarian:
Our MS library website has been updated with resources/book ideas for LGBTQ Pride Month, and there i…

June 1, 2020

Dear Kellogg Families-
We hope that this Blog finds you and your family remaining healthy and able to find comfort together during this difficult time of unrest. Our focus this year at Kellogg has been to create systems, structures, and routines that break down institutionalized racism and create new structures that support ALL students. We work to ensure that this includes and celebrates our historically marginalized students and families. The climate of racism in our country today highlights the importance of this work now and as we move forward as a school community and district. We recognize the difficulty for families to experience and understand the recent events, and it is often more difficult to explain them to our middle level students. We wish that we were together in our building to share in this experience and provide in-person support to your student and family. I know that Superintendent Miner passed on many useful resources in her earlier email, but we wanted to include …

Week of May 25, 2020

Dear Kellogg Families-
If you have been by the building recently, you have certainly seen some amazing construction work happening! The demolition has started and once the old building is cleared, they will be able to begin creating the bus and parent drop off loops for our new building. Everything is going smoothly and on-time for our new building and we all look forward to be working and learning in this new space as soon as possible.

We have four more weeks of this school year and we hope that your student is able to stay engaged in their learning through June 19th. Our Kellogg staff have been learning together and sharing strategies around student engagement with online learning and will be gathering student feedback on what is working or not working for them. We will also be collecting information as a district from all of our families around how to continue to improve our online learning systems. We hope that you are able to share your experiences so that we can improve our work i…

Week of May 11, 2020

Dear Kellogg families-
We hope that the first week of phase four was a success for your student. I was able to drop into some Zoom meetings and it was wonderful to see some student faces and hear them asking questions about the work and engaging with each other. Please continue to reach out to our teachers and counselors as your student has questions or troubles navigating our new learning experience. 

WE MISS OUR STUDENTS!! Please pass this Kellogg staff video on to your student.

A separate email was sent regarding purchasing a yearbook capturing our memories from this school year. We were able to fill the pages with the memories that made this a wonderful year while we were together. If you are interested, here is the online payment link again:
The email gives you more information about navigating the online system and how to check if you have already purchased one. We will have a pick-up day onc…

Week of May 4, 2020 Phase Four

Staff ready to distribute student belongings and collect items to return.
Kellogg Families-
We are beginning phase four of our home learning experience on Monday. The information that was emailed last week regarding our home learning plan was also included in the Blog last week for your reference. I created a video that might be helpful as you navigate this next phase of home learning. 

We also have more information for you around grading for our middle school classes. I address grading in the video and all of the information on grading is contained in this grading practices LINK.

Finally, here is an FAQ document created for your reference.

Please reach out as you and/or your student needs help navigating this home learning experience. We know that this is a difficult time for everyone and want to support you and your student's learning as we close out this school year. 

Take care and stay safe-

Many teachers are using Zoom for drop-in help or class meetings. If your …

Phase Four Update 4/29/20

Middle School Weekly Schedule and Recommendations for Continuous Learning During School Closure Phase Four May 4 - June 19, 2020
Dear Kellogg Students and Families-- You are in the forefront of our minds every day as we move forward with new distance learning for the remainder of this school year.  The Shoreline School District will be following the recommended guidelines for continuous student learning as shared by The Office of Superintendent of School Instruction (OSPI) on April 6th 2020. These guidelines include a recommendation for maximum time commitment for student learning each day: 
Pre–K: 30 minutes  Grades K–1: 45 minutes  Grades 2–3: 60 minutes Grades 4–5: 90 minutes  Grades 6–8: 20 minutes per class (2.5 hours maximum per day) Grades 9–12: 30 minutes per class (3 hours maximum per day)

Our primary goal is to support our middle schoolers’ emotional wel